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Fairmont Windsor Park Art Trail

Fairmont Windsor Park is delighted to be hosting an exclusive art trail in partnership with The High-Performance Art Gallery. The exhibition showcases a curated selection of sculptures from acclaimed artists Paul Vanstone and Thomas Joynes.


Primely positioned within 40 acres of lush scenery and spacious countryside adjacent to the historic Windsor Great Park, Fairmont Windsor Park sets the perfect backdrop for an open-air art gallery.


Visitors can walk amongst the works, all available for purchase, and experience the art up close within the grounds of the hotel and the elegant atrium entrance. Guests and visitors are able to book private tours hosted by High Performance Art Gallery.


The trail showcases Vanstone’s sophisticated relationship with his materials and ability to transform blocks of marble into a range of unique sculptures of exceptional quality. Carved from stone handpicked by the artist, the highly polished and intricately veined sculptures are the result of Vanstone’s meticulous artistic practice. Form based abstract sculptures from contemporary sculptor Thomas Joynes are displayed alongside Vanstone’s work, depicting fractals within nature. These creations are mostly abstract in nature and comment on what is recognisable throughout ‘the everyday’.


To learn more about the artwork featured in this exhibition, please click here.

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