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Fairmont Spa & Wellness and Fairmont WIndsor Park treatment spa day Windsor near London
Fairmont Windsor Park, Fairmont Spa & Wellness, Hammam
Fairmont Windsor Park Treatment Room

Treatments & Therapies

At Fairmont Spa & Wellness, we pride ourselves on seamlessly blending the timeless serenity of traditional spa practices with cutting-edge innovations. Our commitment to your well-being is unwavering, and our team of dedicated wellness experts is here to guide you on a holistic journey of balance for your body, mind, and spirit.


Fairmont Spa & Wellness experience begins with a personalised consultation, where we tailor treatments and therapies to your unique needs and desires. Our treatments feature the finest products sourced from our trusted partners, including renowned brands such as [comfort zone], Mauli, and La Sultane de Saba.


Please note that all spa treatments must be booked in advance.


Indulge your loved ones with one of our experiences or a monetary gift voucher to enjoy at their leisure. Click here to learn more.

Our Meticulously Curated List of Treatments

Age Correction

Revitalise skin with double peel, Kobido-inspired lift massage, and lifting mask. Soften wrinkles, boost radiance, and rejuvenate for immediate youthful glow and tone.


Heal and rejuvenate with organic Goji Berry and Macadamia Oil. Combat sun, pollution, and aging damage. Achieve soft, replenished skin with antioxidants and nourishing elements.

Hydra Glow

Experience instant glow, hydration, and vitality. Lactic Acid renews, Hyaluronic Acid hydrates, Prickly Pear extract revitalizes. Regenerative Agriculture sourced for radiant, healthy, dewy complexion.

Liquid Gold Facial

Indulge in Liquid Gold Argan Oil, 23c Gold, Caviar & Pearl facial. Amino acids, antioxidants reduce puffiness, nourish, illuminate. Lift, brighten with relaxing facial massage.

Fairmont Signature Ritual

A tailored 30 minute facial and 30 minute massage, combining chosen oils and expert techniques for serene, personalised rejuvenation.

Himalayan Salt Ritual

Detoxifying salt scrub, aches relief, metabolism boost. Warm Himalayan salt block massage eases tension, restores balance. Exceptional ritual for vitality, relaxation.

Salt Scrub & Body Wrap

Enhance massage benefits with Green Tea & Ginger or Orange Blossom scrub/wrap. Add-on treatment to complement massage. Boost relaxation, nourishment in 30 minutes.


Unique aromatherapy oil massage, inspired by Orient, Arabia, India, Mediterranean cultures. Personalised selection. Begin relaxation journey with ancient scents for ultimate serenity.


Tribal technique massage with cold-pressed bamboo. Target muscles and pressure points for effective tension relief. Variably sized bamboo for personalized, firm relief.


Erase aches with warming Dordogne-crafted sandstone pods. Precise muscle-rehabilitation, stress relief. Melt away pains with ergonomic hot-sandstone massage.

Sports Massage Therapy

Deep muscle work, toxin flush, joint mobility boost. Enhance flexibility, prevent injuries with intensive sports massage. Optimize performance and recovery.


Calming, non-touch healing for stress, fatigue, emotional blocks. Release mental barriers, restore balance. Gentle treatment, ideal for emotional fragility and life events.


Stimulate energy flow, self-healing with foot pressure points. Soothe, restore balance. Skillful technique for overall well-being through sole stimulation.

Body Active Deep Tissue

Innovative body mask, Tui-Na technique massage for intensive firming. Sculpt and rejuvenate with deep-tissue massage and exclusive methods.


Restore balance, alleviate pain through ancient acupuncture. Two-thousand-year-old holistic approach. Promote good health, equilibrium by treating root imbalances.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Modern, safe whole-body cold therapy. Mental, physical benefits via extreme low temperatures. Stimulate vasoconstriction for holistic well-being without gas.


Deep relaxation via dry floatation platform. Crystal-trituration sound waves massage cells. Pure soundscapes induce relaxation, a unique stress release method.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a soothing and relaxing therapy that uses long, flowing strokes to ease tension and improve circulation, promoting a sense of overall well-being and relaxation.

Tranquility Sleep Ritual

Cancer-sensitive treatment using tranquility oil. Sensorial pathways, Sea Malay techniques induce relaxation. Soft brushes, light pressure for deep soothing.

Pregnancy Massage

Soothing massage for expectant mothers. Gentle oils, effleurage movements, light to medium pressure. Relieve fatigue, nurture mind and body in second trimester.

Classically Cleansing

Moroccan Hammam experience with black soap cleanse, rose water wash, rasul treatment. Invigorating, deep-cleansing ritual for inner-out glow and freshness.

Restoring Rose

Revitalize with rose essence, silk proteins. Hammam experience promotes self-love, soft skin. Top-to-toe journey with fragrant roses for inner balance.

Flawless Manicure

This treatment includes a hand exfoliation, nail shaping, cuticle work, hand & arm massage with a colour of choice nail polish.

Flawless Pedicure

This treatment includes a foot exfoliation & hard skin removal, nail shaping, cuticle work, foot massage with a colour of choice nail polish.

EVO No Harm Gel Manicure

This treatment includes a hand exfoliation, nail shaping, cuticle work, hand & arm massage with a colour of choice Evo gel polish. Soak off included. Gel only. Please note: We do not remove acrylic nails.

EVO No Harm Gel Pedicure

This treatment includes a foot exfoliation & hard skin removal, nail shaping, cuticle work, foot massage with a colour of choice Evo gel polish. Gel only. Please note: We do not remove acrylic nails.

Children's Boutique Facial

Pamper your little ones with a rejuvenating children’s facial, featuring the gentle and nourishing remedies, ensuring their youthful glow radiates with pure serenity.

Children's Boutique Manicure

Indulge your little ones in a world of pampering and glamour with our children’s manicure at our opulent spa, where tiny hands are treated like royalty.

Children's Boutique Pedicure

Elevate your little one’s spa experience with our luxurious children’s pedicure, because even the tiniest toes deserve a touch of elegance.
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