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Fairmont Windsor Park Reception Lobby

Interview with Andrew Brown – General Manager

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09 September 2021


Fairmont Windsor Park is a grand and indulgent retreat which puts the wellness of each guest at the heart of the experience. We asked Andrew Brown MI, Fairmont Windsor Park’s General Manager to give us an insight into the experience of opening a hotel like Fairmont Windsor Park during a pandemic, how he’s helped make it become a reality, what motivates him and how he is leading his passionate team.

  1. Andrew, how would you describe the hotel in a few sentences? 

Unforgettable luxury in the English countryside on the edge of Windsor Great Park. A great amount of dining choices with a superb collection of wine, Champagnes and beverages. A world-class spa spanning 2,500 sqm, and extensive indoor and outdoor meeting and event spaces. And of course in line with its sister hotel The Savoy, the service.

  1. What should guests expect in terms of service?  

We cannot wait to welcome our guests, whom will receive a warm welcome from a highly skilled and professional team. They will provide a passionate service by personalising each and every guest’s experience.

  1. What are the things you are most excited about with this opening?  Do you have a favourite part of the hotel?

I’m most excited about finally being able to welcome our first guests to this wonderful hotel which we’ve worked so hard to bring to life. Sharing the joy with the amazing team, working tirelessly to complete this to the very best standards and watching the pieces of the puzzle coming together has been truly motivating.

My favourite part of the hotel is difficult to pin point, however if I had to choose it would be the arrival – down a sweeping tree lined drive, arriving at a beautiful bridge which takes you to the redwood trees and main entrance of the hotel, where the teams are waiting for you. The rest of the hotel will speak for itself.

  1. What are some of the challenges of opening a hotel during a pandemic? 

For me no day is ever the same, full of many exciting challenges, which is inevitable with such a remarkable project. COVID-19 restrictions have impacted on all actions and services on site which has been tough to manage, as well as maintaining team morale when we’ve been having to work socially distanced or remotely. However, we are very excited to finally open our doors.

  1. What is the secret to leading a team of passionate people when opening such a unique property? 

I wouldn’t say I have a secret however, working to the same vision is fundamental. Vision needs to belong to the team and selecting the correct talent and empowering their skill set and creativity, with hard work and dedication we can collectively achieve our goals. As well as a mixture of flexibility and determination are all the key ingredients in creating a unique hotel like Fairmont Windsor Park.

  1. What is your message to anyone who is considering joining hospitality?  

As we come out of COVID-19 there are many opportunities for passionate individuals who want to have a career within the industry. It is so positive and encouraging seeing all the great hotels and restaurant open again and creating jobs for the community. My message for anyone unsure is to come and give it a go and I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. What concepts are you most proud of at Fairmont Windsor Park?

It was an amazing opportunity to be able to create numerous concepts for this unique hotel and wellness destination. What became very clear to me was the heritage that surrounds the property. Having spent considerable time researching local stories and historical events it inspired me to develop these seven new dining concepts.


To find out more about Fairmont Windsor Park and to book your stay click here.

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